Welcome to the Simplify Podcast!

Greetings fellow human!

Are you confused about the world around you? Don’t know what news outlets mean when they say the terms “sequester” or “austerity measures”? Or are you simply just bored with what the mainstream media has to say?

Check out the Daily Show!

If that fails…

Hello! And welcome to the Simplify Podcast, the podcast that simplifies the news, just for you. Every Friday, we will pick out the main headlines from news outlets (yes, including newspapers and magazines) from around the world, and boil it down to ideas that you can understand. Now, this is not meant to be a replacement for looking at news yourself, but you can use this as the primer (or cup of water to wash all that mumbo-jumbo down) to better understanding the world around you.

Welcome to the Simplify Podcast!

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